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The Power of our Dreams

Have you ever had this experience? You’re minding your own business, usually in a public or semi-public area. Maybe you’re on a road trip, riding the city bus, or you’re on a airplane. Your eyes get heavy, the atmosphere is ripe for a little snooze and slowly you drift off. You enter a dream state where maybe you’re flying, or you’re stepping off the stairs, curb, or you trip and fall. In your dream you reach out for something to catch your fall, unfortunately for you your body responds in real life. Arms go flailing, legs shoot out from your body. Maybe you end up sideways and quite possibly a sound emanates from your mouth that makes you sound like a bridge troll. Your dream was so powerful that you unconscious body reacted to what was going on in your mind. That’s what I’m talking about today, the power of dreams and how it relates to our outdoor pursuits.

I recently made a page on this blog about my dream adventures. I listed out many mountains I’d love to summit, several trails I’d love to hike. The reality of accomplishing everything on my lists might never come to fruition. I’m in my mid-thirties and because we get older and not younger time is running out. I’m disabled as well, so my body isn’t improving. My ability to bounce back after hard days is diminishing; getting older only speeds this along. I’m a husband and a father too, I have two living children and by the time this story is published I our third might be sleeping on my arm. I have responsibilities at my church that may not permit me to be away for a month or more at a time. However in the midst of everything staring me in the face telling me that it’s not possible, I still dare to dream.

One of my dreams

One of my dreams

Those dreams are what spur me to put myself in a position to always be ready. Why train for something that may never materialize? Why do we prepare for an event, a trip, a desire that has no concrete date, plan, or even chance of manifesting? What drives us, what pushes us to the limits of who we are are people are the dreams we hold close to the vest. These dreams cause us to sacrifice ourselves, our time, our resources, our bodies. We ask others that are close to us to join us in this sacrifice as well.

“Honey, instead of getting some new furniture can we instead buy a new road bike? I want to ride in that road race next year.”

“Kids, I know you want to go to Disneyland but we’re going to Yosemite instead. Trust me it’ll be fun”

“Guys, I’d love to hang out and gorge myself on pizzas and movies but I’m going to eat this bag of broccoli, this plain chicken breast, and spend the next hour on the treadmill. Only 250 days until the marathon.”

Our dreams keep us from settling. From becoming too complacent to care at all about making ourselves greater, faster, stronger, more focused. Our dreams are what spur us to never give up; to do those things we don’t want to do but know that we have to do. I heard my pastor say this one time and it’s stuck with me for over ten years now.

“Opportunity does not knock it stands silently by waiting to be recognized but it often goes unnoticed because it looks like an unfair exchange.”

Our dreams become so powerful that it pushes us and motivates us so that we are never caught in a place where we find an opportunity but it passes us by because we didn’t make that unfair exchange earlier in time. I begin to wonder that if we’re not dreaming then are we really living? I hope I never get to a place in my life where I feel as if I’ve arrived. As if I feel that I’ve accomplished everything I’ve set out to do, everything I’ve set out to be. I don’t want to leave things undone, but it sure would be nice to say before I go that I still had dreams I was working towards.

To all our readers I say to you never stop dreaming and never stop trying to make those dreams your reality. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous, nor how far fetched. Someone dreamt one day that we could go to the moon and now we have a rover on Mars. So let yourself dream and don’t let those dreams simply be blown away with the wind. Get out there and make great things happen, prepare yourself for opportunity and while you’re waiting dream some more.

Until next time……Adventure On!

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I’m going to be a bit run-out on this post.

Very Exposed.

Like walking a ridge on a windy summit, unroped.

Things have been tough for me lately. I have this deep seeded itch to do something. This “thing” remains undefined, it has no shape, no name, no construct. It remains faceless, and nothing more then a passing notion through my mind. It’s genesis was brought on by a void. A void in me that I desperately need to fill. This void is like a black hole for all of my thoughts, my energy, my drive, my ambition. The appetite for this nothingness is insatiable it seems, it craves one thing and one the thing only. To satisfy it I must take on one magnanimous endeavor. I must create.

Create something, anything, everything that doesn’t currently exist in form but only in the recesses of the minds of people. I have been struggling with this unquenchable thirst to make something from nothing. It hits me just about every time I strap my boots on my feet, tie into my harness, or throw a pack on my back. This is the fruit of someone’s imagination, their dreams, their plans. Every route you climb, every trail you hike, every park you visit was created by someone at sometime.

With the blank tablet of your life what will you create?

With the blank tablet of your life what will you create?

They thought and planned. They worked hard, sweated, sacrificed, became frustrated. They probably quit and then came back after some time later having kicked themselves and encouraged themselves to continue on and never give up again. Creation isn’t spontaneous it’s carefully planned out. It’s a purposeful act of self-discipline and organization. Ideas, inspirations, revelations, breakthroughs these are spontaneous and birthed out of having spent time purposing yourself to create.

I last wrote about adventure. The adventures we take in life should be spontaneous to some degree, the experiencing that we draw and the ideas we conceive should be as fresh and as new as to wear we explore. To get to this place though we have to plan to create. When inspiration hits an artist they don’t have time to scramble for supplies and prepare their studio. They need to have created an environment that allows for ideas to freely flow. They have to plan to create so that they can be ready at a moments notice when something fantastic strikes.

It is too easy for us as busy adults, some with families some without, to get wrapped up in the mire of everyday living. It is because of this course we’ve struck out on that we need to now more then ever to set aside time to create. To place ourselves in a mindset, in an atmosphere, an environment that when we have an idea we are ready to act.

A new route up a familiar peak.

A new trail system or river system that needs to be explored.

A link up of cross-state/city/country/global travel using various methods of transportation.

Whatever ideas you fancy. Whatever you can create in your mind. You are ready and able to act. Your ability to create may be the very thing that inspires creation in someone else. That degree of separation may very well depend on you. So get out there and create. Show us what you’ve got.

Until next time……Adventure (and Create) On!

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Going Au Natural

I’m just not as young as I used to be. I know it’s difficult to admit but it is true. Being that I’m older doesn’t mean that I am any less un-cool. Okay that’s exactly what it means and my ‘coolness’ factor has sagged and dropped more over the years.

Better than a doctor

When my parents were the age that I am (I turn 35 this year) I thought they were ancient. Of course I was a teenager, so what did I know. I like this age and time in my life. Maturity has finally set in (in most areas of my life), I’m married, a parent, I can still do things that I love, and I’m discovering new things as well. However age has risen up and slapped me in the face to remind me that although I’m still cool (please, let me have this one delusion) I still have to pay the piper. My days of bouncing back are gone.

I write a lot about injury on here because quite frankly, I deal with it a lot. I’m a disabled ‘athlete’. (I put athlete in quotations not because disabled people can’t be athletes, but because I’m taken a great deal of liberty with the definition of that word and it’s application to me.) Because of my physical challenges and the stress of my outdoor endeavors I’ve had to deal with the obstacle of my body not being able to handle what my mind and ambition are willing to toss at it. The fact of the matter is I put more stress on my muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, bones, etc that do work then most people do because of the fact that I have areas of my body that don’t work.

I’ve left many a climbing gym session sore because my feet failed to maintain purchase on a basic simple hold. Not the good sore that accompanies working out, but the sore that screams “I may not function like normal anymore, you might have done some serious damage”. Hiking leads to inflamed and throbbing knees, hips, and back on a regular basis. This leaves me with only one choice: get extra healing help because quitting just isn’t an option.

Me with a sore back, ok my ideal self with a sore back.

Our bodies were designed to metabolize certain nutrients to not only nourish us but also provide certain other benefits. Foods and herbs have been terrific sources for having medicinal qualities that we often overlook. I’m not saying that if you eat an apple or chomp down some kale for lunch you’re going to be cured overnight, but a steady diet of foods, herbs, and certain supplements will yield results. I know personally since I changed my diet of foods I do not get sick as often as I used to. What we eat certainly affects how we perform and how we feel. If you don’t believe me read many of the articles out there about sugar. Here is a great one about the toxicity of sugar. How we breakdown the foods we ingest and use them may not necessarily help to us to scale Mount Everest, tackle Half-Dome, or complete the PCT, but it will assist is us being able to resist injuries and help keep us going in our favorite endeavors.

These just might be the answer to what ails you

Foods can go a long way, but until they discover the wonder fruit that helps a man swallow his pride and realize that he can’t go as hard as the 20-somethings at his local gym, certain pitfalls can’t be avoided. (I’m not finger pointing or calling anyone out it is a purely hypothetical situation). Below I listed a few resources to give you some insight into foods and herbs that might help you recover faster despite how chronologically challenged you are.

My Top Five Foods/Supplements

*Please note* I am not a member of the medical field, I am simply recommending these foods based upon personal experience and the reading I’ve done.

1. Kale –  Great source of vitamins, and it is an anti-inflammatory foods which is beneficial to those with forms of tendinitis and inflamed joints. (hikers, climbers, paddlers, etc)

2. Blueberry – It’s a super food, what doesn’t it do?

3. Blackberries – Anti-bacterial properties, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory

4. Pumpkin Seeds – Contain Magnesium in high contents, which is a great mineral that your body needs.

5. Cinnamon – This spice is a wonderful internal infection fighter. Along with a whole host of other benefits like reduction in muscle soreness, and assisting in the healing process.

Online Resources

Natural Foods –

Herbs –

Naturopathic Medicine –

So until next time……Eat Healthy!

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