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The Spirit of Adventure

Sometimes it’s nice to pretend that you’re a kid again.

In our house we like to spend some Friday nights making a big bowl of popcorn, spritz it with canola oil, and dust it with flavoring. We’ll all gather on the couch and throw on a movie we can all watch. Usually something age appropriate for our son which means it’s animated or ridiculously goofy and lighthearted  Not exactly my cup-of-tea seeing as there are few explosions, no superheroes (usually), and a serious lack of muscle bound meat-head screaming “Get to da choppa!” (Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous line from Predator. Also I bet you read that line in your best Arnold impersonation didn’t you?). Needless to say I’ve seen my fair share of animated shows. Some good (Phineas and Ferb, anything Pixar puts out, most of Dreamworks stuff, and animated superhero movies) and some that make me fall asleep in the first 15 min (A lot of older Disney movies……I can’t handle a song ever 5 min). There is one show we own that really sticks with me, and that movie is Up by Pixar.

If you haven’t seen Up yet then stop reading, rent it. Then proceed to cry (you know what I mean), laugh, and feel great after it’s all over. Now that you’ve seen the movie you can read the rest of this post.

The Spirit of Adventure

The Spirit of Adventure

In the movie one of the lines repeated here and there is “Adventure is out there” and the name of the blimp that the famous explorer/villain uses is called “The Spirit of Adventure” and hearkening to the Spirit of St. Louis that Charles Lindbergh flew in. The premise of the movie is that a couple become friends and eventually fall in love over their desire to go on an adventure. However through the years they find that the savings they keep for this once-in-a-lifetime trip keeps getting used up for life’s little interventions. They eventually reach retirement age and as they are about to embark on this lifelong dream the wife becomes ill and eventually passes away. This of course happens in the first ten minutes of the movie and if you don’t have a soul you’ll find yourself choking up at the very least.

This movie, and that line got me to thinking. What is adventure? To the surviving spouse he finds it wasn’t the destination, it was the journey. Cliche? Yes. Full of truth? I’d say so. The destination does matter, but sometimes it’s the journey that really makes the impact on you; especially when you can share that spirit of adventure with someone else. When the spirit of adventure becomes an infectious disease to those around you you find that it’s not about who finishes first or whether or not you even get to the end. Your love of adventure has been caught by someone else and now they’ve got the bug.

This inspiration has them thinking about a path of life they may have never even imagined as possible. You’ve opened their eyes to something new and fresh. Your passion has rubbed itself off on them in some way. There fire may not burn as hot as yours, but truly you’ve stoked their ember a little warmer. I can see that wonder personally in the eyes of my wife and son. I can see my son’s eyes light up as we take him to explore and adventure in different arenas. I watch as my wife does things she never though she could do; I see her amaze herself at what she can accomplish. Someone shared this spirit of adventure with me and them it became my own. It morphed and changed over the years. At times, life’s interventions happened (I was crippled in an accident, a buried a spouse at age 29, I buried a child at age 33) that put my adventures on hold. I’m about to embark on a new one as well (a daughter slated to make her grand entrance in less then two months) and I can share my spirit of adventure with her as well and watch over the years as she makes it her own in her own way.

Adventure truly is out there, and there is enough to go around. I encourage all you who read this to regularly join in our adventures and to share yours with us as well. More importantly then that I encourage you all to find people who don’t have the spirit of adventure and to share it with them. See if they can become carriers of this “disease”, see if they want to be hosts of something fantastic and outstanding. See if they want to live an extraordinary life filled with adventure!

Thanks for reading and commenting and until next time……Adventure On!

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The Origination of Your Inspiration

Recently a a department of a super cool company with an awesome initiative commented on our blog. I must tell the truth when I saw who wrote the comment I immediately sent a text to my wife in nearly all capital letters. I thought it was such a huge deal for us to have them not only read our blog, but leave a comment. We just passed 2,000 all-time views since we launched and most of those all by accident. So for us this was a major deal. I refrained from squealing like a 10 yr old girl at a Justin Bieber concert, but I did squeal on the inside. What gripped me about what they said as that they “loved our blog” (SQUEAL) and they thought it was “inspiring” (SQU….Who?).

I never considered what we write about or even do as a family as inspiring. I know I personally never felt that I was inspiring, except when I was inspiring our son into some kind of mischief which led to looks of death from my wife. Men know the look I’m talking about and women you’re probably giving some man that look right now……chances are we are deserving of it. I really had to look at what I find inspiring, I had this conversation with myself after reading those comments.

Me: ‘Self, they said we were inspiring, can you believe that?’

Self: ‘Maybe it was a typo?’

Me: ‘?’

Self: ‘Or they thought they were on a different site? It could be possible that it’s a prank, is it April Fool’s Day?’

Me: ‘No, it’s June’

Self: ‘Well maybe it’s June Fool’s Day, I think that’s a holiday in Canada. They seem to have a holiday for everything, they have one that celebrates boxes. I think it’s just an excuse to get out of work. The only conclusion I can come to is to quote The Princess Bride “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Me: “That was a great movie…”

When I envision things that are inspiring I usually gravitate towards movies like ‘Rocky’ and ‘Rudy’, speeches by General George Patton, climbers like Craig DeMartino, Erik  Weihenmayer, and Ronnie Dickson. There are countless other figures, movies, quotes, books, tales, etc that I find inspiring but I have never looked into the mirror and saw inspiration reflected back at me.

I enjoy what I do, I enjoy that we are a family that gets out and enjoys certain forms of outdoor recreation despite physical limitations, but inspiring…..well…… I’m not convinced that they were being anything but very generous.

So I ask this question, “What/Who inspires you?”

Whether it is your career, everyday life, recreational endeavors, whatever it may be we would love to know.

So until next time, stay inspired, get up and get out, and as always……Adventure On!

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