The Origination of Your Inspiration

Recently a a department of a super cool company with an awesome initiative commented on our blog. I must tell the truth when I saw who wrote the comment I immediately sent a text to my wife in nearly all capital letters. I thought it was such a huge deal for us to have them not only read our blog, but leave a comment. We just passed 2,000 all-time views since we launched and most of those all by accident. So for us this was a major deal. I refrained from squealing like a 10 yr old girl at a Justin Bieber concert, but I did squeal on the inside. What gripped me about what they said as that they “loved our blog” (SQUEAL) and they thought it was “inspiring” (SQU….Who?).

I never considered what we write about or even do as a family as inspiring. I know I personally never felt that I was inspiring, except when I was inspiring our son into some kind of mischief which led to looks of death from my wife. Men know the look I’m talking about and women you’re probably giving some man that look right now……chances are we are deserving of it. I really had to look at what I find inspiring, I had this conversation with myself after reading those comments.

Me: ‘Self, they said we were inspiring, can you believe that?’

Self: ‘Maybe it was a typo?’

Me: ‘?’

Self: ‘Or they thought they were on a different site? It could be possible that it’s a prank, is it April Fool’s Day?’

Me: ‘No, it’s June’

Self: ‘Well maybe it’s June Fool’s Day, I think that’s a holiday in Canada. They seem to have a holiday for everything, they have one that celebrates boxes. I think it’s just an excuse to get out of work. The only conclusion I can come to is to quote The Princess Bride “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Me: “That was a great movie…”

When I envision things that are inspiring I usually gravitate towards movies like ‘Rocky’ and ‘Rudy’, speeches by General George Patton, climbers like Craig DeMartino, Erik  Weihenmayer, and Ronnie Dickson. There are countless other figures, movies, quotes, books, tales, etc that I find inspiring but I have never looked into the mirror and saw inspiration reflected back at me.

I enjoy what I do, I enjoy that we are a family that gets out and enjoys certain forms of outdoor recreation despite physical limitations, but inspiring…..well…… I’m not convinced that they were being anything but very generous.

So I ask this question, “What/Who inspires you?”

Whether it is your career, everyday life, recreational endeavors, whatever it may be we would love to know.

So until next time, stay inspired, get up and get out, and as always……Adventure On!

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