Tortuga: A Lesson in Learning

No, this is not me channeling Captain Jack Sparrow and calling for everyone to join me in some form of debauchery.

A couple of months ago my son told me that Tortuga is Spanish for turtle. There is nothing like getting your foreign language education from a 5 year old kindergartner. He’s enrolled in a Spanish Immersion school so he’s being introduced to a foreign language very young, so I can expect a lot more of this in the years to come. Humbling.

This got me to think about the fables of a man named Aesop. He told a tale of the tortoise and the hare, and how slow and steady wins the race. Aesop must have been a man of such great patience because if I would have written the story I would have written it as having a cheetah, a tortoise, and a hare. Wherein the Cheetah eats the hare, races the tortoise, and blows his doors off. My version is far more realistic even if it’s not child friendly.

Speed kills, plain and simple. In sports it is a cliche but never-the-less it’s a fact if not a truth.

Right now I wish a whole lot of things in my life would speed up. I want to do so much, but my time and abilities are so very limited. I want my son to grow up so we can take more adventurous trips with him, but at the same time I don’t want to blink and watch him go off to college. I want the winter to end so that my family and I can take some camping trips and go explore without having to deal with my son reminding us every two minutes that it’s cold outside and he wants to go in. I also don’t want to miss out of getting a chance to introduce my family to skiing.

I want my abilities at the sports I enjoy to rapidly increase, but the challenge that comes with that is missing out on the journey which is really the most important thing.

It didn’t matter that the tortoise won the race and beat the hare (or cheetah if you want a more action packed version….I should adapt this story for 3D!). It was the lessons learned along the road, or should I say what should have been learned. How can we really enjoy the destination if we never enjoyed and understood the process by which we got there? What good is a college degree if you didn’t actually learn anything in class? All you’re left with is a VERY expensive piece of paper.

With the new year approaching and the turn of the clock near-at-hand it somehow supernaturally offers us a chance to begin again. Don’t ask me how a mere second from 11:59:59 to 12:00:00 can give someone a chance to start fresh, but somehow it does. I would encourage everyone that over this next year that you enjoy the process that unfolds and the journey that lies ahead. Whether you are a parent, athlete, or just someone who stumbled on to this blog by chance. I would say to you (the latter) I am so sorry, but I cannot refund you the time you spent reading this. I would direct you to our complaint department at WhoWritesThisMess? So in conclusion, be the tortuga….and enjoy the journey.

Until Next Time…… Meander On!

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