Oh The Things I Think Of

So today’s post is about the random things that have been floating around in my head lately. So I decided that you all should share in the carnival of thoughts that drift in and out and swirl around inside of my oddly shaped melon. Let us begin.

#1 – Auto-belays

So this past weekend I was a brave man and defied the law of the physical therapist and decided to test out my bum shoulder and see if it would bear my body weight. So I grabbed a nice big jug and leaned back a little stretching out my shoulder and placing a little body-weight on it. Then I decided to place a foot and so on and so on before I knew it I was up about six feet feeling great. You see this is the first time in over two months I’ve been able to grab a hold without wincing from pain. So in an effort to get in as much climbing as possible the wife and I decided to hit the auto belays which would allow us both to climb at the same time since we were both itching. I had forgotten how much I hate auto belays, I really don’t like the feeling of being hoisted up the wall by my crotch (not meaning to be graphic, but the way the system works I feel like I’m at the bottom of a gully being hoisted to the top!) I had forgotten how totally unbalanced I felt and how uncomfortable that was to me. However when you have limited time to climb and you and your wife want to get the workout in without having to wait and belay one another (and one partner is nervous that in a fall the belayer is going to rocketed into the Stratosphere, they do come in handy). Some times you have to make sacrifices, and these are such times. It was ok though because I fell…..a lot. Always about three-quarters of the way up. I’d like to blame it on how greasy the holds felt since the climbing area at the health club I go to ( family decided against the climbing gym membership so we could take advantage of child care and improve overall health via cardio and weight machines) the routes are very few and the auto belays are 5 in number with very new routes established. So the holds feel nasty and without chalk I kept reaching and slipping off, but I know I have to acknowledge that my contact strength, especially in the fingers rivals that of an old and feeble man, it’s just weak sauce.  So for now until I lose more weight I’m just going to have to make use of the winch system….or sit on the sidelines.

#2 – Holiday Candy

Yes…..very random! Why is it that when the manufactures change the color of the wrapping or coating of their candies that it makes them more enticing and delicious? Throughout the year I don’t eat M&M’s with almonds. Ever year around Christmas I am drawn to finding them because they coat them in the red, green, and white shells. I buy them by 2-3 bags at a time and keep them stocked in my house for the entire month of December. This weekend while food shopping for Thanksgiving, they had peanut butter cups in the bulk foods section in holiday colors and I bought two scoops worth. What gives? I normally eat a generally healthy diet of foods, but when December rolls in it just hoses me. Darn you marketing geniuses!

#3 – Snow

It snowed here in Minnesota enough to cover the ground and slow up traffic to a crawl. Normally I would lament up one side and down the other about the horrors the cold wet precip brings to my life. This year though I was excited about it. That might be because I made a resolution to go skiing. I think there is a correlation between outdoor recreation and the enjoyment of snow. If you have nothing to do then you hate it, but if you find a way to use it you enjoy it. I think this deserves further study. I should get a government grant for $5 million over three years to study this phenomenon because of its mighty and terrific benefit to mankind.

#4 – Cold weather and Children

While taking my son to school today I saw a  young teenage girl at the bus stop waiting on the bus. This young girl had on house slippers for shoes and SHORT booty shorts. Please tell me how she passed inspection? Did the fact that it is November and there is snow on the ground escape the notice of someone in the house? Did her mother or father see her dressed like this? If they did have they been slapped for not having her change? There should be a public flogging…..I’m just saying.

#5 – Blog Content

This one has been puzzling me for a while now. What makes for good blog content? Is it information, writing style, diversity of writers? Maybe its originality, or humor, or the fact that the writer is attractive? (Such as is in my case, I know you all read my writing for my looks. Admitting it is the first step to acceptance.) I mean honestly, how many times can someone comment about Leave No Trace Principles and make it original? Or how to set up a tent? Or how to keep your child quiet while hiking without putting them on a NyQuil IV drip? I find that I enjoy blogs that tell tales of adventures and offer up the insights of people’s thoughts and minds. I guess I could use all this brainpower on trying to solve world hunger, or cure cancer, or understand what my wife is actually saying to me and really come to terms with what I did/said/thought/considered saying/might have thought about doing/saying/thinking that upset her and I should have known what I did but fail to grasp and remember. That would be the smart thing to do…..but then again no one has ever accused me of being a smart person.

Until next time…..Adventure On!

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