A Whole New World: The Wonderful Mix of The Outdoors and Technology

I never thought a marriage between electronic technology and the great outdoors could happen, but I was wrong. Very very wrong.

One of things I love about going camping, hiking, climbing, or any other outdoor activity is the ability to leave behind technology (with the exception of GPS for geocaching). No computer, no TV, and hopefully (when it’s safe) no cell phone reception. I have found that there is a way to bring them both together for the bettering of all mankind. It’s called Social Media and it helps bring it all together.

In media outlets like Twitter and blogs I’ve found a host of cyberspace friends that I never knew existed. They come from all walks of life, different cultures, ethnicity (Outdoor Afro), geographic regions, and interests. They open their lives and share their adventures, advice, tips, trips, and even gear reviews (@thegearjunkie, @geargals) with anyone who wants to listen. Some are just starting out while others are established. Some even give away stuff for free from their sponsors, how cool is that?

For those outdoor lovers with families (Bring The Kids, Family Wilds, Adventure Tykes, Cragmama, Tales of a Mountain Mama) we get the opportunity to swap stories and see their children grow up before our eyes via our favorite RSS feed readers. Through Twitter I met a guy who is traveling the country on The Most Epic Trip ever climbing here and there. Turns out we’re both from Ohio, from towns just 3hrs apart and that we both love to frequent the same amusement park.

I get to read trip reports of hikers, campers, skiers, and climbers who live both in Minnesota (Eliz Climbs) and in places where I’d love to live (Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained) and wouldn’t mind if I never live there (The Inspired Climb) but they are still great people. My wife and I don’t have many friends who undertake such adventures as the ones we’ve found via these internet outreaches so it is nice to connect with others and share our adventures and outdoor lives together through such an innovative medium.

There are so many more friends and blogs that I can connect with who share the same passions I do. We have different view points and perspectives but we can always agree on one thing, our love for the outdoors and the sports we can play out there. Curious about who I follow and might be reading? Check out my follow list here. If you have anyone to suggest to me blog or tweeter drop me a line and let me know!

It has certainly been a wonderful discovery and I hope that as time goes on maybe the opportunity will present itself to connect with a few or many of the terrific outdoor minded people and families I’ve found throughout this country. Who knows what other friends and connections can be made and shared with just a click of the mouse.

Until next time…..adventure on!

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