Fetch Me My Soapbox

Sometimes you just need to rant, and today is one of those days.

I’ve noticed something over the course of a few years that I want to address today. I find is shocking at how lazy people have become.

I blame it on modern forms of technology which allows us to cut out time and effort in all that we do. Although it is very beneficial when used sporadically, but it has now become morphed and deformed, mutated into this horrendous beast we now call a requirement for living. Ladies and Gentlemen, these things should not be so.

Commercial Break – I feel that this is going to be a crazy rant with a few photos thrown in here and there. The continuity and flow of the writing may not make sense. So you may want to bail now.

I notice this laziness a lot when I go out to run my errands. The weather is warm, sun is shining and the atmosphere is all-around lovely. People will then drive around and give death-inducing stares at one another to get the closest parking space…..even if there is another open space three spaces down. That extra 24′ (roundtrip) is simply too much to walk because they are in a hurry or are simply too lazy to walk 8 more yards.

If you’re a pregnant momma you deserve that space up front. Got wild children who are small and have an affinity for running out in front of traffic, I can understand that. You are elderly and may/may not qualify for handicap parking you deserve to park as close to that door as you need, you earned it. You’re in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and in generally decent health you need a check up from the neck up.

I’m disabled and with my level of disability I could probably qualify for a placard, but is that truly in my best interest. What will I gain from that? A shorter walk sure, fewer calories burned, less muscles worked. Compound that over time and I may struggle to keep up with my children and grandchildren….that’s not worth skipping those 24 extra feet.

We, society in general, eat foods that are horrible for us and refrain some exercise because of whatever lame excuse we can come up with. Granted I haven’t always been super-ultra-active-man but with my level of injury at times I couldn’t get out of bed the next day. It was so bad one time that I needed to have a friend come over and massage my lower back (licensed massage therapist) to loosen it up enough to walk to the bathroom without having to use the wall for support the whole way there and back. I’ve since used some wisdom and realized that I must tailor my activities to let me gradually work up to that level again.

Given my situation I am envious of those around me who have the ability but lack the desire, motivation, or understanding of how important their health and physical abilities are. I’ve lived like this for almost 13 years now. I can’t remember what it is like to run, I honestly do not remember the sensation. I’ve tried running for short distances (think feet, not miles) and it’s less like running and more like accelerated hobbling. Reminds me of the person in a horror move who tripped and twisted their ankle in the woods and is trying to get away from the chainsaw/knife/machete/sword/scissor/tooth-pick wielding maniac.

Lacking the ability but desiring to have it is a difficult place to be. I wrote previously about my embarrassing attempt at climbing (here) and why I had such trouble succeeding. Now I can’t even train as much as I like because of an injury I suffered three weeks ago (here). Saturday my wife and I went top-roping at the gym we joined so I could get certified and so she could get some practice in. I enjoyed belaying her because I loved helping her work the route, spotting her technique from the ground, giving her advice, and quite frankly I enjoyed the view (hubba hubba! Rrrrraaaaarrr) It was a chance to spend time with my wife doing a new recreational hobby we are both coming to enjoy (insert obsess about….roughly the same thing) but it did sting a bit that I couldnt’ join in and try and route or two myself. Especially when climbing and upper-body strength training could still be a few months out.

I feel the same way when I listen to people talk about how much they hate eating healthy, or don’t like exercise/gym/getting up to get their own drink from the kitchen, or ‘there is no way I would ever go running’. I want to slap them….I really do because I’d LOVE to go running again. If it weren’t for my wife and child I’d probable pull a Gump and go run-ing (in my best Alabama southern-drawl) and just keeping going if I had the ability to do so.

To end this before it gets way out-of-hand ( right now it is merely out-of-hand) I encourage you to take a good long hard look at how you live your life and ask yourself this, “If I lost my health what are the things I wish I could do, but will never have the opportunity to do them again?” Then take action, and make it a habit of doing those things, until they become a joy.

The cliché goes, ‘Use it, or lose it’ It’s not a cliché for nothing.

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