Why I Should Have Been a Scout

Always Prepared!

Had I simply uttered that three weeks ago I wouldn’t be where I am today.

My day has been filled with loads of great fun (sarcasm). How about yours?

Since it has been awhile since I last wrote I’ll bring you up to speed. When we last talked I mentioned my frustration while taking a climbing class at my favorite outfitter. What I didn’t mention was the pain I experienced afterwards. Nothing emotional or mental, no this was real physical pain. And today I found the source of that pain.

I have tendinitis/bursitis/something-itis in my shoulder. I met with a doctor this morning who gave me the diagnosis and then referred me to a physical therapist who gave it a second. Let me tell you this sucks.

It doesn’t suck because of the pain, or the therapy or the doctor (who both were great actually which is a real shocker to me). It is because I’m restricted to no upper body strenuous activity (like strength training and climbing) for what could be the next few months. Royal Suckage.

What really irritates me is that this was totally avoidable, probably. I broke a cardinal rule, I failed myself and am now paying The Piper (that man must be rich because a lot of people pay him!) I failed to prepare.

Usually I’m really good about stretching and warming up. Okay I just lied and now my nose it doing the typing. When it comes to climbing I am pretty good about loosening up other activities not so much. That day though I didn’t. I prepared mentally, but not physically.

I have a habit that before I engage in anything I generally throw myself into it mentally first. I study, read, research, and understand as much as I can before I even undertake anything major. Before taking up climbing I read about it for probably 3-5 months before ever stepping foot on a hold. It’s just the way I am.

That day I watched more experienced climbers climb focusing on their feet and body position mostly. I had to do something similar when I was in a wheelchair and had to learn to walk. My brother would lovingly drive me and my wheelchair to the mall and I’d sit there and watch people walk. How they moved their arms, and placed their feet, I had to learn to do it all over again. So I watched these climbers climb intensely looking for tips and techniques I could use to climb better, especially since I have a disability all the help I can get I need. Which is why, oddly enough, that I prefer to watch women climb. It’s not so I can check them out in a perverted way. Don’t get me wrong female climbers are beautiful, but it’s the grace and style in which they move that is what I covet. Men tend to muscle it up like hyped gorillas, I’m looking to improve my weakest technique, my feet.

Anyways I watched but never warmed up, never stretched and I went in cold which hurt when we stemmed and face climbed. I left the session sore in my shoulder and woke up the next day barely able to move it. Now I’m going to PT (physical therapy) for at least the next 6 weeks once a week. All because I didn’t prepare.

In my opinion our hurried and fast-paced lives either forces up to prepare on a super-human level or we go in cold and survive on hope and luck. My lucky hope ran out and now I’m learning a valuable lesson. My pastor says this often and it’s stuck with me through the years ‘A lack of preparation on your behalf is not an emergency on mine’ Meaning that when someone is coming to you in a rush and hassling you to hurry yourself up their lack of preparation should not impede on your course of action.

So this is causing me to slow down a bit and realize I have to, I need to better prepare myself for whatever it is I’m undertaking. Whether it’s a camping trip, a workout at the gym, or even a simple hiking excursion, proper stretching, clothing, gear, equipment, and mentality are needed to prevent and lower any potential risk involved. I’d recommend you all do the same! Your comments are welcome and I look forward to reading them.

If you are looking for some good blogs about climbing or other outdoors-like adventure I recommend these, there are more out there for sure. I subscribe to them, I read them, I like them. If you have any you want to share, or you have one of your own let me know! Shoot me an e-mail, leave a comment, or find me on twitter.com @TheBionicHiker.

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