Beware My Genius

So this past weekend my family and I got out of the house and headed over to a Minnesota State Park (Afton State Park) which is about a 10 min drive from our house. What’s wonderful about this is not only how close it is, but that it’s on the St. Croix River which allows for scenic overlooks, walking along the river shore, and multiple opportunities throw rocks at the state of Wisconsin  (it’s on the other side of the river), make spiteful comments about their citizens obsession with cheese, and in general ruin the day for Wisconsin. Hey I wouldn’t be a good Minnesota citizen if I didn’t harass our inferior neighbors.

We decided (me… was really all me) that it would be a great idea that as a family we should take up geocaching as a family hobby. I wanted an excuse to get a handheld GPS unit which is of course highly useful in saving ones life out in the woods, on a mountain, or if you’re up for a sweet game of high-tech ‘Hide and Seek’!

Back to the story

We checked out a unit at the park and proceeded on our adventure. We told our son we were going treasure hunting and that he could get some trinkets in the treasures.

Our GPS Unit and Instructions (which of course were of no use to me)

So off we began our treasure hunting adventure. I of course decided to wear a bandanna that day which gave me to cause to wonder if I were a land-locked pirate of some kind. (I referred to my son as a ‘lad’ and my wife as the ‘wench’ which then left me with a fear I was going to ‘fall’ down a hill at some point)

I thought this was going to be a spectacular outing, we’d find treasures, leave treasures, get exercise, and get some trail time in.

Oh how high and lofty were my thoughts.

The first cache we found yielded no treasures, it was merely an encouragement to find the other three. This of course was disappointing for the lad…er…..I mean our son but we punched in the second cache and off we went.

It was about 650 yards away and led us out towards the St. Croix ROver which yielded spectacular views on a gorgeous bluebird sky day. After a little bit of hunting I found (using my super-power of navigation……and the clues on the sheet) the third cache. The second cache was too well hidden and we never found it.

Arrrggghhh Maties, Me has found the second cache...where be the gold!

Inside there  were two trinkets, a silly band and a St. Louis Cardinals sticker. After much deliberation in his head the child decided on the sticker and then the fun really began.

Happiness After the Meltdown

My wife asked to take a picture of him with the prize and he just outright refused. The exact details of what transpired next escape me but needless to say words were said, war was declared, and the ground around that area will be radioactive free in about 200 years. When our son gets like this we affectionately call him Meltdown Charlie.

I stepped back and wondered what happened, who took the excited little boy who we were hiking with earlier and replaced him the Hellspawn of Lucifer? Well after the dust settled we sat down on a bench and had a snack, chugged some water, and things changed and he allowed us to take the above picture.

I’ll spare you the play-by-play but the rest of the day went in a similar manner.

Since I am a real genius though I’ve decided to try this again! This coming Saturday we’re headed to William O’Brien State Park for some more geocaching, swimming, hiking, and kayaking. A change in venue will assuredly yield different and better results…..I mean come on…..that’s just sound logic!

See you on the trail!

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